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Summer is here and even though we have a new normal, somethings never change.. We still have to eat the "RIGHT STUFF" whether our goal is to lose body fat, gain muscle or get ready for a sport/competition.  I wanted to keep this article short but to the point.  We live in a super fast pace environment and we all look for faster options while obtaining maximum results.. The good news is, an easy to prep menu is definitely possible and will keep you on track to realistically achieve your goals.. While it seems easy and simple to look at our needs in terms of grams of protein, carbs and fat; we need to understand factors such as "BV" also known as Biological value which is the quality of the protein according to its absorption rating. For example Whey Protein Isolate and Salmon has high BV ratings while the protein from beans are on the lower end of the chart..

Each food source has its unique benefits in terms of each macronutrient and how it could play a role in an individuals specific goals, taking the proper amounts from the high quality sources will enhance the results of the hard work that we all put in home or at the gym..

Keep up the focus and set some exciting summer goals even with the given circumstances that we are all in!  And feel free to send me a message with any questions and ways that I can help you to take your fitness to the next level!

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