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When I interviewed client David a master sushi chef and entrepreneur that treats his workout sessions as a business meeting to stay fit for a demanding lifestyle full of hard work and success, one thing stuck out; it is the "NEVER GIVE UP" attitude!

How long have you been weight lifting and working out?

1.5 years 

How do you stay structured to your best ability with your busy schedule?

Put your body first, wake up 1 hour earlier every day to make the time Work for my schedule 

 How do you find the balance between training and a successful business?

Very difficult, I wouldn’t say balance, I would say results. Results outweigh the balance . Have to put In the gym work, then discipline of diet 

How would you describe the mental and physical edges that you benefit from training?

Daily struggle, giving up always an option and each day that you don’t, you get stronger rather then weaker as well as healthier.

What would you recommend upcoming entrepreneurs about the importance of training?

Outside of your body, is a refection of your inside. Same as people who have dirty bedrooms and don’t make their beds. It all starts with you , your ethnics of when no one is around . You can’t be leader or entrepreneur if your not organized, and nobody who works out 4-6 days and properly diets is unorganized. The importance of training is consistency, same formula needed to be a successful entrepreneur. 

What is your favorite body parts to train?

The last set ! Hahahaha but i would say the mental challenge, it keeps you sharp. Anyone can have a belly, 5% of ppl get abs. You can’t buy , borrow, loan, rent , cheat. Only one way 

What is your favorite exercise?

Toe to bars!

Favorite Motivational quote:  It’s not failure if you succeed once! Never give up! Failure is the last part before success!

To start your own journey for this New Year click:

Hope you enjoyed Client David's interview. Now here is my quick suggestions for a fitter and healthier 2023!!🎊🏆💪🏻

Stop winging it

Trust the process

Set short and long term goals

Get customized nutrition and training: The fitness journey and process is just like a thumb print for each one of us. This is why each persons program must be designed to for their lifestyle, likes and dislikes for maximum results.

Happy new year!!!🎊🎈🎆

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