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I started resistance training in 2008! I was a Freshman in High School and fell in love with weightlifting. I was primarily focused on moving the heaviest weight possible and not necessarily aesthetics or cardio. I have progressed as I have gotten older, I was in the Marine Corps for five years and I adopted High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) into my workout routine and longer runs to be able to stay in peak physical condition while I was a Marine.


2. How has Melih F. Cologlu helped you with your progress through peak performance and your top physical condition.


Melih’s experience and the wisdom he has in nutrition and workout splits. I have been able to accomplish things I would have viewed as impossible in the past. Melih’s nutrition has allowed for me to have six pack abs, stability, and freedom in my life. Additionally, the workouts he provides you with supplement the progress. Melih’s program has allowed for me to successfully run one of the hardest marathons at Catalina Island and finish in the top 20%. Furthermore, it gives you the CONFIDENCE to go out and try new things. I am obsessed with snowboarding, BJJ, and of course weightlifting. Lastly, the goals you have will only get bigger and bigger. I promise you, if you hold yourself accountable, set goals, and trust the process. Melih will help you be the best version of YOU. All you have to do is stay the course.


3.   How do you feel when you are at your peak shape?


My answer will be simple, but you feel amazing! As I stated earlier, you will gain this confidence in the gym, life, work, in everything you do. It is not a pompous attitude that you will give off, but you will just feel good and confident. When you do reach your peak shape, it will only make you hungrier to set more goals for the future.


4. What is your recommendation on consistency and never give up attitude?


Everyone loves progress and that comes from consistency. Once you see the progress it becomes an addiction, and it turns into a lifestyle. You need to make sure you set goals and continue to crush those goals. Understand the objective and never give up until it is complete. Your brain will tell you that you can take the day off or to cut the workout short, or to skip cardio. DO the things that suck, you will soon become the best form of yourself!

5. How do you balance work, family and workouts?


My whole life up until 2022. My day-to-day life has revolved around my workout. I would work out in the mornings and I would go get what I needed to get done for the remainder of the day. I was very productive, and I would feel a great sense of accomplishment. Now, I work a 7AM-4PM for five days a week. I was struggling to work out and keep up with my fitness goals. For the first time in my life, I felt defeated. I gained a bunch of weight and there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Eventually, I realized I had such a narrow scope. I needed to adapt. I now workout 5-6 times a week after work. I am able totake my time and meet up with my fiancé. This allows for us to destress from the workday and provides us with a work out that isn’t rushed. I would recommend building out a schedule if you struggle with structure. Ultimately, there is 24 hours in the day. A lot of those hours can be spent on social media, tv, video games. These things can add up and prevent you from managing your time appropriately. My advice is, take a step back, reflect and see what you can eliminate to make more room for the things you love, and for the things that will help you grow as a human.

6. What is your favorite muscle group to train?


I have grown to love training chest. What was my least favorite is now my favorite. I have had a lot of success in increasing my bench press as of late and I am currently on the road to chase 405.


7. One advice to those who might just be starting their fitness journey?


My advice is “You can’t stop time” you will eventually reach your goal and it is only a matter of time before you get there. With that being said, you need to hold yourself accountable and you need to push yourself every single day. You are your own worst enemy. Therefore, you need to be disciplined and stay the course to crush the goal you are trying to reach. When you reach the goal, set another goal. Lastly, Progress is progress, you are unique in your own way, do not compare yourself to others, train your mind to keep those thoughts out of your head. Do not give in to negative self-talk. Take control and CONQUER.

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