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There is absolutely no question that transformations are truly inspiring. I feel that people are attracted to them simply because they know that they need to change things around themselves and they know “they can do it”. Having worked with clients of all levels in the past 20 years, I know the importance of customization according to each individuals lifestyle. Let’s face it, most people have some idea of the fundamental rules of calorie intake and expenditure but what most people underestimate is the power of accountability and personalized fitness programs. I have put together some strong Pointers below to help you make 2022 the most successful fitness year of your life; whether we work towards them together or not I am excited about your journey.


Simple answer is each person deals with a number of variables that life throws at them on a daily basis both physically and mentally that makes a program that is customized with accountability and support so important to a successful fitness journey. Even if you share the same biometrics with another person, the chances are you still need completely different approaches if your lifestyles and activity levels are different.

“Below is Client Rasim after his amazing transformation


There are many factors that go into the muscle tone and fat burn process including metabolism, hormones and more but one factor still remains the most powerful; calorie intake vs expenditure. A surplus of calories from wrong sources result in body fat gains if the expenditure does not back it up. On the other end of the spectrum a calorie intake that is less than what our body requires to stay the same weight plus the expenditure (activity level including exercise) causes to burn body fat as fuel. It is common to feel more hungry during a fat loss cycle due to the calorie deficit but by eating a higher protein diet along with the healthy fats and complex carbs we can make this process a much better experience. “Below is client Felipe after amazing results”


My programs are tailored to each individuals lifestyle. While we do want to form and follow a structured plan, this does not mean you can’t have fun. Whether you like to enjoy a piece of filet on a weekend or have a couple of drinks, there is always room to enjoy your favorite foods and make great progress.

Below is client David after his successful results”


Setting both short term and long term goals are extremely important! Short term being 8 to 16 weeks and long term being 6 months plus. We set long term goals to visualize how we want to look months and years down the road and we set the short term ones to fuel our motivation to get us there!

Regardless of where you are at your fitness journey, you have the power to make 2022 the best year yet!!

Happy Holidays and A healthy happy New Year💪🏻🎉🏆

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