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Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Client Jason is a husband, father of 2 and a successful entrepreneur who knows that you get what you put into your training and knows the value of consistency. Check out how he keeps the balance between family, running his businesses and fitness.

How long have you been weight lifting and working out?

25 + years and 8 years that I have been focused on my nutrition which has had a huge impact on my overall progress

How is your training different now than when you first started working out?

Training now is performing more reps with less weight. A lot more supersets, super-slow as well as negative rep systems.

Also, the addition of H.I.I.T cardio has been a huge help with maintaining a low body-fat percentage year round.

How do you find the balance between having a family, successful business and training?

Training is part of my everyday schedule. I drop kids off at school, then train at the same time consistently, then start my work day.

How do you stay consistent?

Same answer as the last question really! “My day isn’t complete without working out“ It’s a big part of my lifestyle

How important is it to train around obstacles and day to day distractions?

It’s very important to train around every day obstacles. Working out consistently keeps me feeling better physically, and just as important, mentally.

What was one recent set back that challenged you to keep up your consistency?

Few months ago I had a major foot injury during martial arts practice. After that we modified the training style and exercises in the gym especially for lower body to minimize atrophy and maintained a good foundation to get back to. This really helped me to transition back into my regular routine. It’s really about keep moving forward and making slight adjustments.

What is your 2 favorite exercises?

***Toe to bar leg raises (no kips allowed)

***Preacher curls

What is the most difficult training system you have ever done?

Giant sets with legs. Squats to leg press to leg extensions to lunge walks with no breaks.

What gives you the motivation to keep in top shape?

All the hard work put in gives me the positive results I look for. I want to be in peek cardio and physical shape as I enter my middle age.

It’s obvious that consistency is a key factor to a successful transformation and achieving your goal physique. However a customized nutrition and training approach is the best way to actually make substantial changes to your physique!

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