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Can anyone get a six pack?

Lets face it, we all make "The Six Pack" up to be a mysterious and nearly impossible goal to attain.. When I mean it is possible for anyone and everyone to attain a defined midsection, I mean exactly that.. This brings me to a great title called "The Supply and Demand of Fitness"..

6 Supply and Demand factors of getting lean and getting a six pack!

1/ Calorie intake: There is absolutely no question that your intake vs. expenditure plays a big role in burning fat and increasing muscular definition.. And this is more than just going on google and learning your daily calorie intake to maintain your weight.. This varies depending on your activity level, intensity level of each workout and how the rest of your day looks like plus those birthday parties on the weekends that you think wont effect progress..

2/ Source of your calories: Calories are not created equal. And what I mean by this is that the body processes each food group from each source of the food group differently depending on their complexity.. The impact on your blood sugar levels that each food has and knowing how you respond to each is a make or break type of deal. This is where you need a sports nutrition guidance.

3/ Weekly Exercise and energy output: The daily workout routine including the number of workout sessions per week combined with your activity level for the rest of the day determines a good portion of your calorie output!

4/ Sleep and Recovery: Sleep and recovery play a huge role not only for the muscle recovery and growth factors but also your stress hormone levels..

5/ The intensity of your exercise routines: The calories you burn during a specific workout depends on the Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE).. This is a huge factor to how i design my clients nutrition programs.. Each week the nutrition is correlated to their workout intensity..

6/ What your abs demand to show up? Your abs demand to be trained just like any other muscle to reach their full potential.. Keep in mind that our goal is not to starve ourselves to get skinny abs but it is to build the ab muscle thicker and then to complete a cutting cycle for ultimate results..

If you have made a decision to achieve the abs that you have always wanted, please dont hesitate to contact me and allow me to make a simple meal plan for your complex lifestyle to achieve ultimate results..

Looking forward to working with you, please see some of the packages that I offer here at:

Stay healthy and happy

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