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Lets face it, abs are the one muscle group that doesnt care how much you bench.. Even though abdominal strength plays a huge role in all of the BIG 3 exercises such as the bench press, the deadlift and the squat; they need more than sheer power to be presentable.  They need to be trained hard and right, you need to be on point with your diet and cardio as well. 

Here are my favorite top 3 most difficult ab exercises

1- DRAGON FLAG (As seen in picture): This exercise got its fame from the movie "ROCKY VI" and it tops the charts for my top favorite hardest exercise!


3- WINDSHIELD WIPERS: This exercise has a couple of version, the hardest version involves holding your lower body up constantly as you mimic the windshield motion vs. the traditional version lets you bring the legs all the way down to get a little break..

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Stay healthy everyone :)

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